Services & Equipment

  • Hydro-Static Testing: The C&H Testing units are fully equipped with the Hydro-Static or Sinker Bar pressure testing tool, wireline winch, fluid pump, tanks, and all necessary tools.

The Hydro-Static testing tool is set with slips and holds the tool in position during tests. The tool assembly remains inside the pipe and is repositioned by the units wireline winch after each stand is made up.

The length of the tool can be spaced out to match the job…testing tubing in singles, doubles, or triples. Pipe can be tested going in or out of the hole, above or below the slips to ensure crew safety and eliminate leaks in the string in its made up position. C&H Testing is equipped to test pipe from 1-1/2” to 5”. Equipment is rated to 15,000 psi.

Use of multiple tools allows simultaneous testing of dual and triple tubing strings. Since the testing fluid is retained between the packer cups. Fluid costs are easily controlled and not lost to the wellbore.

The Sinker Bar testing tool assembly consists of a top mandrel with two rubber cups, one to four sinker bars and a bottom mandrel with two rubber cups. The number of bars are determined by single, double, or triple stands. The testing tool assembly is lowered into the pipe by the C&H Testing operator with the testing unit wireline winch.

The sinker bar tool is removed by the wireline operator after each test and is hung back in the corner of one of the derrick legs out of the well crew’s way.

After each test, the tool string is removed. Therefore, testing going in or out of the hole is accomplished at the same speed. However, testing in the hole ensures no leaks at the collars.

Internal coated pipe is tested with the sinker bar tool without any fear of damage to the coating, as the rubber packer cups are on the element in contact with the coating.

Full holes and gaseous testing conditions are easily accomplished with the sinker bar method as the weight of the bars prevent them from being moved up the hole and the gas will move up the sinker bar annulus.

Used tubing which is rod cut, scaled, corroded, etc. works well with the sinker bar tool as it can be easily repositioned until the packer cups are set.

  • BOP Testing & Plug Setting
  • Casing Testing
  • Christmas Tree Testing
  • Pipeline Testing
  • Packer Setting
  • Chart Recorder Rental
  • USEM & WEG Electric Motor Sales
  • Off-Shore Platform Testing
  • Scan - A - Log: Involves using induced magnetic flux to measure and record pipe wall thickness as it’s pulled out of the well. Processing the signal through a software program it allows us to map the inner wall of the tubing. This allows for grade classification and identification of imperfections in the tubing.
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